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Bohu grilled fish five black

Description:Bohu grilled fish is original, tender and delicious.The grilled fish made of organic fish such as crucian carp, silver carp,

Bohu grilled fish is original, tender and delicious.

The grilled fish made of organic fish such as crucian carp, silver carp, carp, and red perch in Bosten Lake is very popular among tourists. It not only brings a lot of income to local grilled fish operators, but also becomes a must-eat dish for tourists.

Whenever night falls, there is an endless stream of people who come here to feast on their food. The delicious grilled fish "Wudaohei" has helped the development of Bohu Night Market.

"Wudaohei" is a common name for red perch, also known as river perch. It is named for its five wide bands on the side of the body across the back of the body. Red perch is a cold temperate river and lake fish that lives in northern Xinjiang. The growth is relatively slow, and it reaches sexual maturity at the third winter age, and the maximum individual body length can reach about 500 mm. It is understood that the grilled fish with "Wudaohei" and "Crucian Carp" as the main ingredients in the night markets of Korla and Bohu counties is a special barbecue of Bosten Lake. Over the years, local national characteristic barbecue has been formed. Barbecue chefs bake it with cumin, spicy noodles, salt, and cooking oil. It is spicy but not hot, oily but not greasy, delicious and tender, numb but not woody. Drink with the "Bosten Lake" wine, which has a special flavor.

"Walking all over the northern and southern Xinjiang, Bohu fish is the most delicious." Grilled fish "Wudaohei" has become a must-try meal for tourists from all over the world.

Nowadays, grilled fish "Wudaohei" is the "gold medal snack" in Bohu County and even Korla Night Market.

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