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Spicy male fish

Description:Pond male fish only inhabit waters below 28C with low water temperature and clear water quality. They are extremely sensitive

Pond male fish only inhabit waters below 28°C with low water temperature and clear water quality. They are extremely sensitive to water pollution and have a low tolerance to pH. So they chose Bosten Lake, which is located in the desert, backed by snow-capped mountains, and has no intention of polluting, and thrived here.

According to folklore, when Zhuge Liang captured Meng Huo six times, Meng Huo refused to accept it, so he invited Wu Tugu, the leader of the Ugo Kingdom in Ruodi, to lead the Tengjia Army to defeat Wei Yan in a row. Zhuge Liang had no choice but to set fire to the rattan armor army, and with pity, he opened a gap so that the barbarians of Ugo would not be extinct. These barbarians stood out and rushed into the river with flames, saving their lives. However, the surging flames killed countless fine scale fish and surfaced. The Shu army picked them up and cooked them, which were extremely delicious. After that, Meng Huo finally surrendered and the war subsided. Zhuge Liang felt guilty, so he ordered the cook in the army to teach the barbarians how to make kimchi and fresh fish.

Pond male fish is native to Japan, also known as cucumber fish and year fish (the life span is only one year). Its body is translucent and has a special cucumber flavor. It is high and the meat is delicious. Bohu introduced trial breeding in 1991 and started fishing in 1993. Because Bosten Lake is rich in resources, good in water quality, and pollution-free, the pond male fish in the lake is recognized as pollution-free and pure green food.

Bohu Spicy Tribute Fish has a hint of numbness in the spiciness, and the unique aroma of Bohu fish in the numbness. Selected high-quality peppers and peppers complete the trio of numbness, spicyness and umami taste.

Pond male fish is rich in nutrition, delicious in taste, and easy to process. Consumers at home and abroad are used to overall practicality, and it is a popular fish. The whole body of male fish contains about 70% of a large amount of water, 1.58-15.46% of crude protein, and 2.39-5.90% of crude fat. The crude protein is lower than that of carp, crucian carp, and tilapia. High-quality protein, trace elements and vitamins have a good tonic effect on the human body. For the weak and middle-aged and elderly people, eating it will receive a good therapeutic effect.

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