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Description:Whenever you wander in the city‘s snack street or noisy night market, a scent of fragrant roasted lamb will rush into you

Whenever you wander in the city's snack street or noisy night market, a scent of fragrant roasted lamb will rush into your nostrils from time to time. Sometimes the barbecue stand attracts you like a huge magnetic field. You smell the spicy aroma and swallow your saliva dryly, and the barbecue master just puts the fat and oily barbecue in front of you. Suddenly you are enlightened and can't wait to eat Let the aroma reverberate in the heart of the next skewer of barbecued meat. Throughout the year, barbecue masters repeat the same work, starting from the placement of barbecue equipment, to light the charcoal fire, cut meat, skewer meat, on the shelf, stirring the fire, turn the skewer, on the condiments, and even as detailed as the size of the meat such as jujubes, a brazier pierced with red and white slices of meat, sprinkled with red chili powder, green cumin, to give a person the attraction of color and aroma mingled. There are barbecue time, fire, the amount of spices, the degree of sophistication into the degree, the degree of refinement, the operation of the degree of skill, that the smug, not text, not fire, not high, not low yell, can be regarded as a kind of behavioral art.

The hot, fatty, and endlessly flavored barbecue stalls have been placed there all year round, and the air is filled with the aroma of roasted meat. The one-meter-high iron barbecue tank is filled with vigorous charcoal fire, and the whistling charcoal fire balls are like blooming "sparks". Whenever there is a breeze, sparks flicker, and light smoke rises, the barbecue master skillfully grills the meat skewers in the diffuse smoke. Occasionally, there will be oil droplets splashed on the charcoal fire, and thick white smoke curls up from the grill From the beginning, the figure of the barbecue master is looming with the wind, sometimes "still holding the pipa and half covering his face", everything shrouded in the smoke is complicated and vague, making people feel like they are in a fairyland.

After the light smoke cleared, the barbecue stand was still so hot. When the weather is hot and there is no wind, the barbecue master will fan the fire with a thin wooden board about one foot square. The charcoal fire is whistling, and the barbecue is sizzling. Under the reflection of the fire, surrounded by the smell of meat, people feel very comfortable and carefree. In less than five minutes, the meat is cooked, and the barbecue master conveniently closes the fan, puts it on a plate, and hands it to you—a very mundane and special happiness will permeate around the barbecue stall and surround you.

After a delicious meal, disappear at the end of the city. Men, women, old and young enjoying a good life, bathed in the spring breeze of the new era, bursts of fragrance wafting from the barbecue stalls, as if it came from the mother's body fragrance, a kind of national spirit reproduces, continues, and endlessly in life.

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