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Description:Xinjiang Uyghur folk traditional skewered meat is also not only a fast food on the street, but also a delicacy that can be se

Xinjiang Uyghur folk traditional skewered meat is also not only a fast food on the street, but also a delicacy that can be served at the table. The authentic skewered meat is also burnt and buttery in color like the roasted whole lamb. The materials used are not as strict as roasted whole lamb. The difference between the two lies in the size of the roasting scale and the specific method.

When skewering meat, first remove the clean meat and cut it into thin slices. It is best for each slice to be lean or fat. Then match them fat and thin, and put them on the iron chisels one by one. In the past, the braziers used to make skewers were all wood brazes cut from thin strips of red willow. Now, this primitive wood brazing is not easy to see. After the meat is threaded, put them evenly and densely on the trough-shaped iron barbecue stove burning with anthracite, while fanning and roasting, sprinkle refined salt, cumin and chili powder on the side, and turn it up and down for a few minutes edible. In recent years, another form of skewered meat has appeared in places such as Moyu, Kuqa, and Erdaoqiao Market in Urumqi. The folks call it "Mitel Kavap", which means "1-meter-long skewered meat." . This kind of skewered meat really lives up to its name. The kebabs are 70-80 centimeters long, and the pieces of meat are also large. When baked in a pit, more than a dozen skewers can be baked at a time. The taste is tender and delicious, and it is more enjoyable to eat. , because this large string is enough to cover the small 7-8 skewers of barbecue. The so-called fried barbecue is the mutton slices fried in a pan with the above-mentioned seasonings. Even more interesting and rare is the "belly barbecue". What is "belly barbecue"? After washing the belly of the lamb, pick out the lamb and stuff it into the belly, then pour some salt water to mix the meat, then tie the mouth tightly and bury it in the sand heated by a bonfire Grilled meat. It is only the stomach that is grilled, and the stomach has really become a "rice pot" here. After tasting this kind of barbecue, people are full of praise, saying that only when they eat this kind of meat, can they enjoy the unique and natural tenderness of mutton. The unique taste cannot be replaced by meat cooked by any other method. Yes, perhaps, this is one of the most primitive and oldest food customs!

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